Our Mission

To be a faithful and reliable learning partner to organizations who desire to uplift their staff’s passion and performance in the workplace.

Our Vision

To transform individuals into proficient team leaders and players, who enjoy playing hard and working hard, via experiential learning programs.

Our Values

Uniqueness – we appreciate each person is uniquely created with different talents, strengths and weakness.

Respect – we show self-respect and mutual respect, as everybody is a valuable individual entity.

Care – we take care of others and accept caring by others, as love is one of the most important elements in human.

Happiness – we understand that we and others are looking for happiness in our workplace and personal life.

Strive for excellence – we believe that people are willing to improve their performance if properly motivated and guided.

Our History and Growth

TEAMS Training & Management Services Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2002.

Initially TEAMS supplied training material and HR resources (e.g. workshop packages, skill assessments, instruments and tests, training video, game tools, activity binders) from famous T&D developers and HR resources producers in USA, UK, Australia and Hong Kong.

In 2003, the Jockey Club Continuous Life-wide Learning Centre invited TEAMS to partner with them to assist students and teachers to acquire learning techniques (e.g. Mind Map®) and soft skills (e.g. communication, meeting skills) to enrich their learning ability and interpersonal competence. In the same year, TEAMS started to serve local universities and other educational institutions.

Since 2004, TEAMS has been serving commercial corporations and non-profit making organizations with workshops in managerial skills (e.g. leadership, managerial and supervisory skills, project management, interviewing techniques, performance appraisal), soft skills (e.g. time management, business writing, communication, presentation, creativity, problem solving and decision-making), team building and relationship building events.

In 2006, TEAMS diversified its business into tailor-made training program design and training manual development for large conglomerates so that they can deploy the customized programs to various business sites spread over different continents. TEAMS also provided other managerial services, such as coaching to individual staff as well as teams of staff, facilitation for strategic planning and in-house focus groups.

Starting from 2007, TEAMS has been serving civil servants of different departments of the HKSAR Government in different subject areas, such as Mind Mapping skills and creativity, problem solving and decision making skills, staff engagement and caring, change management and quality enhancement.

In the past ten years, TEAMS also expanded her service to Mainland China (e.g. Shanghai, Nanjing, Hainan, Canton) and Asia Pacific cities (e.g. Huchiming City, Hanoi) for multi-national corporations.

From 2016 onwards, TEAMS decided to expand her services into more Asia Pacific cities as well as other developing countries.