Training Design & Delivery

TEAMS provides consultative training service which proactively assists clients to identify the true needs, in both training and non-training aspects, of their managerial team and general staff. Our consultants start with understanding the clients’ situation, then work with them to diagnose issues in their workplace and define needs of target participants.

According to the identified needs, a relevant training workshop or a series of programs will be proposed. With clients’ permission, our consultants will interview selected participants or conduct focus group meetings to collect input for the detailed design process.

Our workshops adopt participant-oriented approach utilizing activity-based learning techniques. We design experiential games to keep learning full of fun and effective, and put great emphasis on individual and team reflections as well as debriefing on each activity. For skill-based workshops, sufficient practices are built in to ensure that participants really master the learned skills.

Customized Workshop Development

For large corporations that require deployment of unique workshops to various levels of staff or numerous participants spread across different geographic locations, TEAMS designs and develops customized workshops that satisfy their specific learning requirements. Comprehensive facilitator guide, containing detailed workshop rundown, presentation slides, activity descriptions, debriefing questions, necessary training aids and sample resources, will be produced for trainer use. Materials are available in English, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese.

We also offer train-the-trainer course to familiarize the deployment team with workshop contents before rolling out the training program.

Coaching Services

TEAMS conducts individual and team coaching. Using the 6S framework, our coaches guide and facilitate individual or a team of coachees to Set a clear goal, Schedule your plan, Study current status, Search for effective skills and encouraging ideas, Strive for enhancement until Success is attained.

Mini workshop and inspirational sharing, which reinforce effort and provide recognition, are embedded in coaching sessions to improve coachee achievement and learning. The coaching period may last from one to six months.

Management Services

TEAMS is also experienced in tailor-made managerial services, such as Business Strategic Planning, Staff Handbook Compilation, Business or Workflow Improvement, Focus Group Facilitation, Staff Retreat, etc.