Welcome to Trainer Help Desk

Our Dear Training Partners,

Welcome to visit this Help Desk.

Image source: pexels.com

During the day-to-day running of TEAMS Training & Management Services Limited, we met many in-house trainers and independent consultants who provide training services.

Besides, due to the impact of global economic trends, more and more well-experienced professionals and managerial staff left their jobs under planned or unplanned circumstances. Some of them started their second career in consultation or training discipline.

Mission of this Help Desk is to give support, in both words and deeds, to all these in-house, independent and novice trainers. So if you have any queries about organizing or designing a workshop, you may email your question to cs@teams.hk and we will post our reply here.

In case we don’t know the answer, we will also post your question here to invite other trainers to enlighten us with their knowledge and experience.

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